horse stables

Stables are constructed from galvanised steel with the option of ply or hardwood infill.

The front panel of the stables is available in a variety of how to buy viagra in mexico standard designs, which included hinged doors, top and buy cialis soft bloghoster bottom hinged doors, sliding doors, sliding doors with top hinged. In addition Stanric Manufacturing can add anti-weave to the stable doors

Stable panel kits come complete with detailed assembly instructions and all required parts



Lower/Upper Section
Front Panel Hinged Door Ply/Bar $1200
Hardwood/Bar $1500
Front Panel top/bottom Hinged Door Ply/Bar $1500
Hardwood/Bar $1900
Front Sliding Door Ply/Bar $1500
Hardwood/Bar $1900
Front Panel Sliding Door with Anti-Weave Ply/Bar $1600
Hardwood/Bar $2000
Front Sliding Top & Bottom Hinged Door Ply/Bar $1800
Hardwood/Bar $2100
Side Panel Ply/Bar $1000
Hardwood/Bar $1300
Full Ply $1100
Full Hardwood $1500